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8.5x11 inch photo book // 44 page with 84 black and white images. Printed on 100 lb paper, perfect bound with a nice, sturdy, 130 lb, matte cover that I dolled up with a spray paint stencil (more on that below).


This book is a second edition of one I self published in 2019. I made a few changes, including the cover design, but other than one photo switch-out and a correction on the spelling of a town name, it's pretty much the same. All photos were made with my Pentax 67, medium format, film camera. 


I like to add special things to the books and zines I make so that there's on more level of personality- something I add with my hands and is tactile. I do a lot of stencil art so I have artist grade spray paints on hand. I wanted something simple, bold, and fun so I cut out the shape of Texas and gave it some quick shots with metallic silver and dark gray spray paint. Each one is different since I do them all by hand. 


One of the books had a mark on the white front so I gave it a little spit of spray paint and ended up really liking it, so the front also has a smattering of paint- almost like you want to brush it off! 


If you're worried about the odor of a spray painted book, I have found that it dissapates within a few days. If you really jam your nose to the back cover and inhale deeply, you can probably still smell the paint though! Don't do that!


100 copies signed and numbered.


Free domestic shipping 

International orders: This book is fairly heavy so shipping calculated for outside of the US runs about $25USD. If you'd like to make an order with the additional shipping cost please contact me through the bio page contact form here. I'll help you place an order!

Texas Grit / second edition book

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