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Two bodies of work will be exhibited at the Studio Comfort in Comfort, Texas Aug 24th - Oct 16 as a part of Fotoseptiembre 2022. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, Aug 27th from 2-5pm. I'll be there! With my Noblex and Polaroid cameras! 

Please visit the studio website for more information on other gallery times:

On Saturday, Sept 17 I'll be in the gallery from 10-4pm for the Comfort Art Festival, and then giving a Polaroid emulsion lift workshop on Sunday. Details and sign up for the workshop are on the gallery website. It's a 5 hour workshop, $150, please register through the gallery.

This show consists of 20 self-portrait images I made with my Noblex 150, medium format panoramic film camera. I printed all the black and white work in my home darkroom. 

In addition to this body of work, I tacked on a fun little show of Polaroid emulsion lifts. 

Coming up with a show title that would encompass both styles of work was a difficult task. We shortened my original title to just Wind and Dust... two elements that pretty much define my life out here, both playing significant parts in what I shoot, how I shoot, and what living in the desert region of Texas is all about.

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