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These are loose prints - recently printed in hopes to sell them and recover a little money spent on vet bills lately!! I lost two of my favorite outdoor cats in the last month and thought these photos would be a nice way of remembering them-- ghostly wisps in west Texas skies.


Prints are made on 8x10 Ilford Multigrade Fiber, glossy surface paper - titled, dated, and signed on the back in pencil. Images made with a 1950s Kodak Tourist II folding camera.


Please note: These are some wild and wonderfully cruddy 6x9 negatives and prints made dark in order to enhance the spirits! The camera chewed up the negative (see tops of frames), the film was scratched, junk from the bellows got on the emulsion, the lens is worse than a Holga and nothing is quite in focus, and the exposures were just... bizarre. But check out the ghosts created by the light bouncing around in the old bellows - bellows I failed to check before loading film. A win for forgetfullness!


I made many prints, but these are the best- there are 5 of the rail road crossing, and 2 of the TEXAS building. I haven't spotted them yet, but will only retouch where it's obvious dust from the enlarger, not artifacts that are part of the film.


There may come a time when I make more prints of these and add to them with other "ghost photos"- but they probably won't be at this price. Grab 'em now!


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special ghost 8x10 photo sale

  • Free shipping - USA only

    If you live outside the US and are interested in purchasing any of my work, please contact me so I can calculate shipping. Thanks!

  • I do my very best to accurately show what I offer, but I want you to be satisfied so please contact me if there is any issue with your order and I'll make it right. If the contents of the package are damaged, I will replace what you ordered as soon as possible. 

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