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Forgive my awful listing photos- the image is not blue, it's pretty nuetral- but I didn't adjust it enough. And I'm tired.


This is from an old series I did where I used portraits made with my Holga camera, printed them in the darkroom, then painted over them with oil paints to create the skeleton in place of the flesh... it's not photoshop! Or a skeleton in the photo. 


I've routinely ignored these for a couple of years now... printed and matted before the pandemic when I had some studio tours and art shows scheduled. Everything was cancelled and these were shoved in a closet. I brought them out for a sale in the spring, an in-person show that helped deplete the inventory, but I still have some left. 


These are inkjet reproductions of Holga photos shot anywhere from 1990 to 2017. They're hinge-mounted to conservation board mats, titled and signed on the mat, and come with a backing board. The sizes I chose are standard, easy-to-find frame sizes so you can pick up a frame and stick them in super easy. I don't use this color of mat anymore (it's a warm white) and don't use this particular inkjet paper, so these are the last of thier kind.


Please note- I shot these with my phone and did my best to adjust the coloring- the prints are not nearly as blue in person. It's just the light. They ARE cooler than the mat color, though. Just FYI.


Please refer to the photos for details!


US Domestic shipping is free. Apologies to anyone outside the US, the size of these would make the cost of shipping far more than the actual item!

SALE! matted 16x20 repro Holga print!

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