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NOTE: As I reassess how to sell darkroom work, I don't have anything listed for sale. If you're interested, please email me and I can give you more details on my plans! Visit my bio page for the contact form at the bottom. Thanks!


Currently I'm only printing the Noblex 150 panoramic prints on 11x14 paper that I trim down to approx 9x14. I fill enough of the width to make the image as large as I can, but allow room to mat the print.


I purchase conservation quality mats in bulk in order to offer an affordabe option for a ready-to-frame photograph. Mats are 11x17", which is legal paper size- a frame size easy to find. 


I print in a traditional wet darkroom so each print is hand printed. I print in small batches so each printing yields a slightly different print since I'm not a machine! Every time I print a new batch I number those prints according to the print date.


After the prints dry, I press them in my heat press, look over them under a magnifyer, and use a touch up ink (Spot Tone/Marshall's spotter) to clean up any dust spots caused by dust that was on the negative when I printed.  I title, date, and sign the back of prints in pencil.


Paper: Ilford Multigrade Fiber Photo Paper - gloss surface

Paper dimension: 9x14

Image size: 5.5"x 13"

Mat size: 11x17"


Free US shipping

Panoramic darkroom prints on 14" wide fiber paper

  • If you would like a print of this size, from this series, please contact me and we can discuss what you want and how long it will take for me to print it and get it to you. Also note: I will do volume discounts if you want 3 or more prints. lizpotterphotography at / or please visit my bio page and fill out the contact form! Thanks!

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