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Classic Prussian blue cyanotypes on 11x14 watercolor paper-

This listing is for one of the prints. They look almost identical except for the markings I pointed out. The paper curled as the emulsion dried and stuck to my little drying area rack!! I didn't realize it until I had made these prints. As my friend would say, "it makes them look handmade". ha. 


Image made with a Polaroid, scanned, made into a large, digital negative to make a cyanotype print!


Signed and dated on the back with pencil.

I shot all the shop photos with my phone, but tried to make them look as accurate as possible!


Shipping is included in the price - I tried to price the studio sale as inexpensive as I could, but the price does help me pay for credit card processing fees, and packaging and shipping costs on my end!

Nowhere- classic blue

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