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I have not spotted this print yet so any dust you see will be gone if you purchase it!

I love the look of 16x20 paper, but it's hard for me to print. I have to have the large darkroom trays all over my darkroom- even on the floor- to make room to handle the paper size!


This listing is just for the print- as shown- it's printed on 16x20 Ilford multigrade fiber paper, gloss surface. The top left corner is bent, but once matted, it would never show. 


This shot is of the awesome steam engine train, the Big Boy, that rolled across the US in 2019, making an overnight stop in Alpine, where I live. I stood where I knew it would be coming through, away from any other people to ruin my shot! This train is a BEAST and when it started chugging off with its steam, it was truly an exhilarating experience!


Signed and dated on the back with pencil.

I shot all the shop photos with my phone, but tried to make them look as accurate as possible!


Shipping is included in the price - I tried to price the studio sale as inexpensive as I could, but the price does help me pay for credit card processing fees, and packaging and shipping costs on my end!

Big Boy- 16x20 silver gelatin print

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