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Not everyone wants to be fancy. I make these all-black, canvas bags for those of you who want a low-profile situation!


They're super lightweight so you can shoot a ton of film and keep it in the bag, a collection to review later (my favorite part!). The cord strap is long enough to wear cross-body, but can also be hung around your neck, knotted to make it shorter. Please refer to the photos for all the details or see the measurements at the end of this listing.


They're easier to make due to not needing as much precision while constructing and also not needing an extra layer of stabilzer material between the front and the inside lining (less work for me!). I made them slightly wider since I wasn't bound to a fabric design. 


As with the other bags, they're lined with black out fabric to shield your instant film from the brightest desert sun. Zipper top keeps it all together, and a long strap gives you wearing options. 


7" tall

+6" wide with a 6" zipper opening

cord strap is 54" long 


shipping: domestic is free, if you live outside the US but want a bag, please contact me for additional shipping (apologies for not being set up to make online ordering available- international shipping is so expensive from here! I wish it wasn't!)

Basic Black Developing bag for instant film

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