5.5" x 8" photo zine // 16 page with 6 black and white images. Printed on 100 lb paper, staple bound with a nice sturdy cover that I altered (*see below!).

––> Choose a 5x7 print shown in this listing and I'll include it with your zine! (printed on inkjet paper/satin surface)
Also included – because I had more to say – is a folded booklet with more info on each image.

All photos were taken with my Voigtlander Perkeo 1 between early November and mid-December 2020. This half zine is the first in a series of small volumes of this format. Eventually, I'll select the best 6x6 photos and compile a larger book, but this is a fun way to start collecting them as I churn them out.

*I altered the zine's back cover and put in a little film counter window, like the actual camera! Sandwiched in between the back cover and last page is a clear, red plastic that, when viewed with the book closed, shows the piece of 120 film backing I adhered to the inside. I used my sewing machine to stitch the pages together to secure them.

100 copies signed and numbered.

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6x6 ZineVol. 1