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Tea toned cyanotype on 16x20 watercolor paper- this listing is for one of the prints.

Image made with a Polaroid, scanned, made into a large, digital negative to make a cyanotype print!


These are some of the first large prints I made where I hadn't figured out that I needed to coat the entire paper with emulsion and then have a doubled up negative area around the image to block the emulsion from any light exposure (like how you can see the various marks of negative edges and where the painted emulsion doesn't go to the edge. If it doesn't bother you, these are way more of a bargain than the ones I finally got to print the way I wanted!


Print 1 has a slightly cooler coloring than print 2.


I coat the prints with a diluted acrylic artist medium to help protect it- this size looks great hanging from magnetic poster hangers. Look for 16" teak poster hangers on Amazon- they're strong and will hold the print securely. 

Signed and dated on the back with pencil.

I shot all the shop photos with my phone, but tried to make them look as accurate as possible!


Shipping is included in the price - I tried to price the studio sale as inexpensive as I could, but the price does help me pay for credit card processing fees, and packaging and shipping costs on my end!

16x20 toned cyanotypes of emulsion lifts - Calera Chapel

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