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I printed this a few years ago, a little too small for the mat I had for it and I just couldn't deal with this imperfection so here it is, coming out of hiding for my sale page! It's a nice print- and could be rematted, of course. Printed on 11x14 Ilford multi-grade fiber, gloss surface and hinge-mounted with archival linen tape to a 16x20 mat. 


The train was going through Marfa when I was in town and I knew I could beat it to this odd picnic table so close to the tracks, miles away near Valentine, Texas and almost right across from the Border Patrol station where they launch the weird blimp... but that's another story.  I set up my tripod so I could get the shot right as it blasted past!


Signed and dated on the back with pencil.

I shot all the shop photos with my phone, but tried to make them look as accurate as possible!


Shipping is included in the price - I tried to price the studio sale as inexpensive as I could, but the price does help me pay for credit card processing fees, and packaging and shipping costs on my end!

11x14 Silver gelatin print matted 16x20- train spotting hang out!

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