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This image is part of the current exhibition up at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas. All the sales from the show will be handled by myself so I tried to make it easy for you if you're interested in making a purchase! All the work displayed in the show is in this specific shop category.


Please read: Unless arranged beforehand, I will ship the week after the show ends (The show ends Nov 12th), free shipping. If you live in San Antonio or will be in town, we can arrange for work to be picked up in person, just let me know in advance!


If you are viewing this listing without seeing the work in person, please know I did my best to accurately document what the print looks like. For the darkroom prints I used a white background for the photo because the paper color is so hard to duplicate digitally. It's black and white paper by definition, but the color is a warm, almost peachy color. It's one of my favorite darkroom papers because of this, but it's so hard to document!


Yucca's Last Breath : Silver Gelatin print with an added Polaroid emulsion lift with hand tinting using photo oils (the color tinting is super subtle- it's on the very tip of the creosote leading to the emulsion lift!)

The print was made on 11x14 size Ilford Art 300 multigrade fiber paper in my home darkroom. I purposely printed low on the paper to allow for the eventual emulsion lift to be added, keeping the series consistent for framing purposes. The color part is a Polaroid emulsion lift added once the darkroom print was complete.


This print has added color I painted on with photo oils to help ease the eye from the black and white image to the burst of color.


The print is matted 16x20 with a slightly creamy white, cotton rag museum board, titled and signed on the mat in pencil. I chose to have the mats cut to allow space above the final image to give the work the feel of airy-ness. The open space provides less of a visual block than if the edge of the mat opening fell close to the photo. Also- if you choose to own more than one, they will match!


Photographs are titled, signed, dated, and additional information about the location and camera used are written on the back in pencil.


This listing is for the framed work as seen in the gallery photo.

The frame is a low-profile, 16x20, unfinished oak wood with a plexi-glass front. I added wire for easier hanging, but I did not cover the backs of these with a dust cover (paper backing). I left them open to make it easier if you wish to replace the plexi with a higher grade plexi glass*, or re-frame it all together.


*If desiring to upgrade the plexi, I highly recommend ordering from

The frame size is standard 16x20

Yucca's Last Breath : Silver Gelatin + emulsion lift

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