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One of a kind

Please look carefully at the photos and read the description below!

NOTE: I shot the listing photos on my iPhone, which sharpens the images. The actual print is softer, and for this particular image- gives an even more haunting look!


To test exposure for larger cyanotype prints, I use 8 1/2 x 11" relief print paper. The exposures are tweaked from these tests, but the test prints themselves are great for experimenting with hand coloring, adding emulsion lifts, or- if the exposure is really close to right, simply a nice little print. 


And that's what this is- just a straight print, no fussing, just toning. I bleached it then toned it, giving it a very warm, almost reddish color of brown. 


I forgot to mention on my other listings (and too lazy to change it)- the image was originally made on Polaroid black and white film. I made an enlarged, digital negative to create the cyanotype, leaving the border around it like the original Polaroid border.


The sign is at the end of a trail named "The Road to Nowhere" and is exactly that... you end up in the middle of nowhere, deep in the Solitario, an ancient, collapsed volcanic dome in the interior of Big Bend Ranch State Park, Texas. I hiked to it on a freezing, windy day after sleeping in my car at the campsite (cold and also- so creepy at that particular site!)- but the hike was gorgeous and I smiled as I shivered and got blasted by wind, wondering if any mountain lions were watching me from perches above as I wound up and down big hills headed to nowhere.


This print is exactly what you see- no mat, just a print. Process info and my signature are on the back in pencil.


Free domestic shipping

If this has not sold, and you're interested in purchasing it to ship internationally, please contact me. Unfortunately, the cost of shipping could be almost as much as the print so please consider that annoying truth. Sorry!

You are Nowhere: coffee-toned cyanotype

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