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Oh boy, this was a project!!

I compiled and designed this book based on a solo show I had in San Antonio in late 2023. 


It's 130 pages filled with Polaroids, cyanotype prints, Polaroid emulsion lifts, and silver gelatin prints I added emulsion lifts to. I wrote a lot about the locations, the experiences I've had in them, information about the plants I made portraits of, and added a section that shows more about who I am, what the processes are, and what my life is out here in far West Texas. 


8.5 x 11"

soft cover

perfect bound


Shipping is included in the price for domestic orders. 

Outside of the USA- please contact me. Shipping will probably be horrific- these books are HEAVY! I wish there was a way to make them more accessible to everyone! Please see the last slide for a list of several shipping costs to help get an idea of the expense.

West TX - Polaroid - Cyanotype - Silver 8.5x11 130 page book

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