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One of a kind

Please look carefully at the photos and read the description below!


To test exposure for larger cyanotype prints, I use 8 1/2 x 11" relief print paper. The exposures are tweaked from these tests, but the test prints themselves are great for experimenting with hand coloring, adding emulsion lifts, or- if the exposure is really close to right, simply a nice little print. 


This is a 8.5x11" cyanotype I left in the traditional blue. It's a bit lighter than the print I eventually made on larger paper, but I thought adding a Polaroid emulsion lift would look really cool. And, in my opinion, it does! It's a full size lift so it covers some territory on this small print.


This cyanotype is exactly what you see- no mat, just a print. Process info and my signature are on the back in pencil.


Shafter is a "ghost town" (though people live there) in far West Texas, off Highway 67 between Marfa and Presidio. I pass by every time I head to the state park to camp. When the lighting is right for shooting, or if I just want to stop for fun, I head to this hauntingly beautiful spot: Concordia Cemetary.


Free domestic shipping

If this has not sold, and you're interested in purchasing it to ship internationally, please contact me. Unfortunately, the cost of shipping could be almost as much as the print so please consider that annoying truth. Sorry!

Shafter, Texas: Cyanotype exposure test plus Polaroid emulsion lift

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