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This listing is for one of the images shown: either the postive or negative!


These are reproduction prints on a baryta paper with a smooth finish and subtle reflectivity.  The nuetral white tone has a nice, warm white look. It's as close to faking a fiber darkroom print as I can manage! 


I title, date, and sign the backs in pencil, and add title and my signature to the front of the mat.


Mats are 12x12, which is a very easy frame format to find. These are ready to go into a frame and hang on the wall!


The negative image was created by making a glass plate with a black and white Polaroid emulsion lift on it, and then printed in my darkroom to make a negative. I used this negative print to make a contact print to produce a positive. They're flipped because of this process. I love the two together. If you do too, I listed a discount for purchasing 2!

Reproduction prints Calera Chapel

  • Free shipping - USA only

    *If you live outside the US and are interested in purchasing any of my work, please contact me so I can calculate shipping. Thanks!

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