Printed on archival quality, Baryta inkjet photo paper, reproductions of my 6x6 images are an affordable way to own my work! Choose any of my 6x6 images, including any Holga work.

Baryta papers are luxurious thick cotton papers with a semi-glossy surface. These papers are reminiscent of double-weight fiber papers used in the black and white darkroom. The aren't a glaring, crisp white, they have the same softness of a fiber print and why I chose a soft white mat instead of bright white. 


With the reproductions shown here, images will always be consistent therefore they're open editions where I don't number or date them by their print date on the back. What I do put on the back is the title, date the image was originally made on film, and then I sign it in pencil. If you choose to add a mat, I title and sign the mat below the image in pencil. 


Please refer to the photos to get a sense of size.

I offer two sizes of matted prints



A 12x12 mat



A 16x16 mat


Both sizes are easy to find frames for.

I purchase conservation quality mats in bulk in order to offer an affordable way to have a ready-to-frame photograph for you. *Please note the sale 12x12 mats! I got confused by all the whites and ordered a warmer tone than I usually get. They're very subltly warm-tone and look nice with the print tone of the Baryta paper,  but I wanted to offer them as a sale since they're not consistent with what I offer in all formats. 


To place an order, add this to your shopping cart and then note in your order which image you want from any square format image: Perkeo and Pentacon here, Holga here and skeleton Holga here. Holga images will be sized without the funky borders I show on my collection page, if you want those, please tell me. You can email me separately about this if you forget- and of course, if you have any questions, please contact me! Contact info is on the bottom of my bio page.

inkjet reproduction of any 6x6 square format image

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    *If you live outside the US and are interested in purchasing any of my work, please contact me so I can calculate shipping. Thanks!

  • I do my very best to accurately show what I offer, but I want you to be satisfied so please contact me if there is any issue with your order and I'll make it right. If the contents of the package are damaged, I will replace what you ordered as soon as possible.